Board Meeting Minutes for 01-11-2021

Approved Minutes

Town of Reedsburg

Monday, January 11, 2021

Closed session @ 7:00 Pm

Town Board meeting @ 7:30 pm

Town Board Monthly Meeting


            PRESENT:  Chairperson-Carl Mundth, Supervisor I-Ervin Borleske, Supervisor II-Paul Grosskrueger, Clerk-Rebecca Meyer, Treasurer-Linda Borleske,  

          ALSO, PRESENT:  Clark Thompson, Rebecca Klitzke, Chad Allen, William Waser, Carol Waser, Michael Lueth


  • Town Board Monthly Meeting Called to order at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Clerk Meyer certified that the meeting met the criteria of open meetings law by being on the town website and on the door of the town hall.
  • Agenda was reviewed. Motion made by Supervisor Borleske, seconded by Supervisor Grosskrueger to adopt agenda.  Motion carried.
  • Monthly Town Board meeting was recessed to go into closed session for performance evaluation of Government employee, Town Patrolman, Clark Thompson, as per Wisconsin State Statute 19.85(1)(C) @ 7:02pm. Attendance for Closed session will be Supervisor Grosskrueger, Supervisor Borleske, Chairperson Mundth, Patrolman Clark Thompson, Clerk Meyer.  Motion by Supervisor Borleske, seconded by Supervisor Grosskrueger to go into closed session.  Roll call vote taken: Supervisor Grosskrueger-Yay, Supervisor Borleske – Yay, Chairperson Mundth- Yay. Motion carried.
  • Motion by Supervisor Borleske second by Supervisor Grosskrueger to adjourn Closed Session @ 7:30pm by roll call vote: Supervisor Grosskrueger-Yay, Supervisor Borleske – Yay, Chairperson Mundth- Yay. Motion Carried.
  • Monthly Town Board meeting was reconvened to open session @ 7:30 pm.  Motion by Supervisor Grosskrueger, seconded by Supervisor Borleske, to approve proposed discussion for Town Patrolman that was discussed in closed session by roll call vote: Supervisor Grosskrueger-Yay, Supervisor Borleske – Yay, Chairperson Mundth- Yay. Motion carried.
  • The Minutes were read from the December meeting. Motion by Supervisor Grosskrueger, seconded by Chairperson Mundth to approve minutes with minor changes. Motion carried.
  • Anyone wishing to speak about a topic that is not on the agenda. William Waser spoke regarding the snow plowing on Oak Crest drive being piled at the end of the road and causing a safety hazard.
  • Plan Commission Chairperson Linda Borleske gave an update on Plan Commission meeting.  There was not a Plan Commission meeting in December. The next meeting will be January 25th for a CSM.  The Town has not received the Grede water testing however, it has been done and the results will be sent to the county and Town.
  • Discussion of equipment replacement of large snow plow truck and equipment required.  Clark talked to a couple different International sales reps.  The chasis will be about 4 months and the other equipment will be about 8 months.  Approx. $85,000 for Chasis, Slide in Sander is about $14,500, Plow, wing, hydraulics and all hook ups is about $50,000.  About $149,500 total set up ready to go.  There will be about $20,000 for trade in for truck, wing, plow and sander box. There’s a company that has trucks all set up ready to go for about $160,000.  The board suggests to get together with some sales reps and get some bids for the February meeting. Consensus from the board to move forward. Clark recommends getting bids just from Monroe Equipment. Clerk Meyer will look into getting loan information from Board of Commissioners of Public Lands.
  • Discussion to adjust inspection intervals for the Bridge on N. Reedsburg Road over Copper Creek to change from 24 months to 48 months.  This request is coming from Patrick Gavinski, Sauk County Highway Commissioner. Motion by Supervisor Borleske, seconded by Supervisor Grosskrueger to approve suggested inspection intervals to 48 months.  Motion Carried. Clerk Meyer will notify the Highway Commissioner.
  • Discussion on becoming members of the Wisconsin Town Advocacy Council (TAC)a subsidiary of Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA).  The Wisconsin Town Advocacy Council is more of a lobbyist group for Towns.  The membership is .25 per town resident, population of 1,266, our membership fees would be $316.50.  Motion by Chairperson Mundth, seconded by Supervisor Grosskrueger to begin membership with TAC.  Motion carried.
  • Assessor report – Clerk Meyer has emailed the 3 year contract signature page to Bob Madvig at Holloway Appraisal. 
  • Highway report given by Clark Thompson.

v Should new vinyl base be installed vs. the old wood trim.  The cost would be $450 for the vinyl base.  Motion by Supervisor Borlekse, seconded Supervisor Grosskrueger to approve installation of the Fudge vinyl base.  Motion carried.

  • Building Inspector Report: Building permits issued by GEC – report given by Clerk Meyer

v Benjamin Brunken @ S4181A Golf Course Rd for an Ag Building

v Todd Erdman @ E7167 Junction Rd for an addition to Single Family Residence

  • Supervisors and Chairperson Reports:

P. Grosskrueger - Supervisor II

Has Sealed bid specs ready to go out for the shop lights.

E. Borleske – Supervisor I

Speed limit signs were changed back to 45 MPH on Ski Hill Road.  Ervin is looking into this with the DOT to find out if this could cause a penalty.

C. Mundth - Chairperson

Forwarded an email regarding hardships about property taxes.  

·                     Clerk Meyer presented Monthly Bills to be paid. Motion made by Supervisor Grosskrueger, seconded by Supervisor Borleske to pay the bills as presented. Motion carried.

Completed Fire Certification to receive 2% dues

Completed Tobacco Licensing Report

Preparing for February Election

Made a couple phone calls and I have two prospects for the Treasurer Position-Jill Corwith and Becky Behn.

Need to do the Hazard Tier II report and Illness & Injury report for 2020.

·                     Treasurer Report: Given by Treasurer Borleske

Deposit - $26,667.63 – GTA Funds

Deposit - $2,196.52 – Routes to recovery for Election expenses

Town Board meetings: Feb. 8, March 8 & April 12 @7:30 pm

Town Caucus – January 18 @ 7:30 pm

Plan Commission – January 25 @ 7:30 pm

Election Dates – February 16, 2021 and April 6, 2021 7am – 8pm

Election Equipment Public Testing and Hall Set up – Thursday Feb 11th @ 5:15pm and Thursday, April 1st @ 5:15pm.

Tax Collection as of December 31,2020 is $643,826.54.

Tax Collection as of meeting is $932,127.08.

·                     Anything else reasonably related to the agenda.  April 2nd is the deadline to file to be a write-in candidate for the Spring Election.

·                     Motion by Supervisor Grosskrueger, second by Chairperson Mundth to adjourn the monthly Town Board Meeting at 9:20 pm.  Motion carried.


Respectively Submitted,

Rebecca L Meyer

Town of Reedsburg Clerk 


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